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Dog Trainer Certification

Dog trainer has a very important position in dog owning. Dog trainer is a responsible person who have the responsibility to guide and instruct the dogs. The job of a trainer is not only limited to train the dog, but also to teach it new skills and also to improve the knowledge and behavior of dogs. This job requires an individual to be skilled in many things like communication, psychology, teaching, leadership, organizational skills, and many more. All these are necessary to be successful as a dog trainer.

There are two broad ways to become a certified dog trainer. One way is through attending a specialized dog training school for training. Here you will learn all the required knowledge in this field. There you will learn and practice various effective dog trainer techniques through lectures, hands-on practice using real life situations and case studies, and finally gain experience by completing a certification exam. Certification examination covers all the skills and makes a good professional in this field.

Second way is through professional organizations like Association of Dog Trainers, American Kennel Club, and the National Board of Professional and Ethical Dog Trainers. Here you will learn about the important concepts and basic skills like positive reinforcement training methods, behavior modification, obedience training techniques, and socialization. Here all the concepts about pet handling will be covered in detail with clear explanation. Once you complete the course, you will receive a credential or card that serves as a proof that you have undergone the course successfully. These courses cover all aspects of professional dog handling.

To become a professional dog trainer you need to get certified by one of the above mentioned organizations or some of the national dog trainer associations. You can get these certifications easily. First of all you need to research on these organizations. They offer online information, you can easily register yourself with them, and then you are all set to start your career as a certified trainer.

The next step that is needed for you to get the certification is to enroll yourself in a program that takes you through the entire process of gaining the license and the certificate. Most of the programs take you just 300 hours of classroom learning and the remaining part is done online through the internet. The training requires not more than three years to complete. If you get the certification, you can easily work as a dog trainer and if you want to specialize then it will be better for you to get the additional 300 hours of training. It will help you in expanding your career opportunities.

There are different organizations that offer different dog trainer certifications. You need to make sure that you choose the best program for yourself. Make sure that you search enough before choosing the program that you want to take up. Ask your colleagues about the program that they are taking up. Do not go for some cheap courses as these will only waste your precious time and money.